Our primary goal is to be a company that performs at a high level and creates real value, which is widely recognized by both customers and the wider professional audience. As a well-functioning company, we also want to meet the expectations of our customers and employees in the long term.

In order to achieve our mission, we provide our clients with company management systems and IT services that can be operated economically, flexibly adapt to resources, and are always up-to-date with legal requirements.

The secret of our success is that PROGEN’s name has now merged with the concepts of quality, reliability, accuracy, sophistication and people-centeredness.

The basis of our quality policy is that we can only achieve our economic goals together with quality-related objectives. We guarantee the stable and outstanding quality of our service through strict control of our processes.


ISO 9001

Our company recognized the importance of excellent quality early on, which is why we obtained the ISO 9001 international quality assurance certificate already in the fall of 1998. With the help of this, we laid down the quality management principles that fundamentally determine our entire operation.


AAA Bisnode

Based on the assessment of one of Europe’s leading business information providers, the Bisnode Group, our company is one of the most reliable enterprises in Hungary. Every year since 2016, we have received the highest AAA rating, which only 0.63% of Hungarian companies have.


PROGEN Kft. won the Business Superbrands recognition in 2023, so our company is entitled to the official use of these trademarks.

Magyar Brands

In 2023, PROGEN Kft. was among the awarded brands in the Outstanding Business Brand category of the “Hungarian Brands” program.

Lovable workplace

Our company considers it extremely important to provide its employees with a reliable, friendly and professional workplace. We are proud that in 2021 we won the title of “Loveable workplace” for the second time.