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We are proud of our customers, whom we support every day on the road to success with our company management solutions.

To whom do we recommend it?

For medium and
large companies

For those looking
for innovative ERP software

If there are several
companies in a group

For production and
production management purposes

For individual systems,
complex processes

For traditional
and e-retailers

The sERPa company management system
key benefits for managers

  • The results, financial and liquidity position of your company or group of companies can be seen and shown up to date.
  • Assists in management decision-making with real-time data.
  • You can manage the data of an unlimited number of companies in a single system.
  • Affordable price, cost-effective solution.
  • The system continuously and up-to-date follows changes in legislation, even in special areas.
  • In addition to the usual financial, accounting, taxation, inventory management, and logistics work areas, you can also manage production management, service, CRM, and mobile functions in one place.
  • Complete reporting capabilities with flexible result sets.
  • The system continuously and up-to-date follows the changes in legislation and manages the databases reliably and legally.
  • sERPa’s financial and accounting module group provides up-to-date, comprehensive information on the company’s financial processes.
  • It allows you to work faster and more efficiently – with the possibility of automatic billing and online posting.

sERPa’s main business areas

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The success of our continuously developing sERPa company management system in numbers

Our clients said

Debreceni Sportcentrum Kft.

Mihály ORENDI, Managing Director
The sERPa Warehouse Management solution and the integration of the system itself are indispensable for us on a daily basis.

Zlt Magyarország Kft.

Mátyás SVIDRÓ, Managing Director
High-quality software, first-class support background and optimal cost level during implementation and support. Business processes can be monitored at the highest level, which is why the process of decision preparation and managerial decision-making has been simplified.

Manage Kft.

Gábor FAZEKAS, manager
With sERPa, Excel spreadsheets or other files can be created from the accounting, which can also be sent to our customers via e-mail, thus providing information that can be further developed. The account statement can be obtained in English or German.

Goldeneggs Kft.

Tamara MÉNESI, Managing Director
Thanks to the flexible parameterization, management is easier and more efficient with the help of lists adapted to the needs of the company management, we get to the information much sooner and they are more accurate than before.

Te-Di Trade Kft.

András PÁSZTOR, Managing Director
By using the Partner Center, we can use a flexible and up-to-date system, which enables our Partners to always see the current inventory and special offers suitable for their customer group, and to be able to buy at customer-specific, individual prices.

How can PROGEN offer you more than average ERP services?

Market-leading ERP systems can be easily integrated with other business applications.

It has perfected its own ISO certified implementation methodology over decades.

Financially stable, Bisnode is an AAA rated business.

PROGEN is a three-time Superbrands and Business Superbrands award-winning brand.

It always adapts its systems to new legislation, almost immediately.