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What can PROGEN offer you more than average ERP software?

If you want to speed up the information processes within your company, if you want to see more efficient organizational operations than ever before, if you always want to make decisions based on real data, and if you want to manage all of this from a single, easy-to-use system, PROGEN's efficient systems offer you the best solution!

Our clients said

Premier G. Med Cégcsoport

Anette BORI, Financial Director
Their company group switched from ERP, which had been used for a long time, to the sERPa system. Thanks to Progen's specialists, not only was the introduction carried out precisely, correctly and on time, but based on the experiences following the introduction, it can also be said that the entire process was smooth.

Caldera Kft.

Vargáné Anikó BONÁCZ, Managing Director
We use the Nagy Machinator administration software, which gives you the possibility to export data to an Excel table, as well as to import financial records kept at our partners.

Debreceni Sportcentrum Kft.

Mihály ORENDI, Managing Director
The sERPa Warehouse Management solution and the integration of the system itself are indispensable for us on a daily basis.

ZLT Magyarország Kft.

Mátyás SVIDRÓ, Managing Director
High-quality software, first-class support background and optimal cost level during implementation and support. Business processes can be monitored at the highest level, which is why the process of decision preparation and managerial decision-making has been simplified.

Tomaplast Kft.

Miklósné TÓTH, Managing Director
For us, the biggest advantage of the system is that we can issue invoices and delivery notes quickly.

Manage Kft.

Gábor FAZEKAS, Manager
With sERPa, Excel spreadsheets or other files can be created from the accounting, which can also be sent to our customers via e-mail, thus providing information that can be further developed. The account statement can be obtained in English or German.

Goldeneggs Kft.

Tamara MÉNESI, Managing Director
Thanks to the flexible parameterization, management is easier and more efficient with the help of lists adapted to the needs of the company management, we get to the information much sooner and they are more accurate than before.

Katofer Kft.

Endre KATÓ, Managing Director
Since the introduction, the data only needs to be recorded in one place, so the possibilities for error have also narrowed down, in addition to saving a lot of time.

Te-Di Trade Kft.

András PÁSZTOR, Managing Director
By using the Partner Center, we can use a flexible and up-to-date system, which enables our Partners to always see the current inventory and special offers suitable for their customer group, and to be able to buy at customer-specific, individual prices.

Best Outsource Kft.

Andrea HORVÁTH, Managing Director
We have been using the Nagy Machinator since the beginning and the fact that we have made the right choice is confirmed by the positive feedback from our customers.